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for Computer Music



Gadget Gallery
By David Battino
Turbocharge your computer with these 11 irresistible music peripherals.

How to Record Your Own Song
By Mark Nelson
Step by step, here's how to go from inspiration to finished song on your computer. Bonus Web Files!

Learn to Burn
By Scott Wilkinson
Discover how to transfer your favorite tunes from records, tapes, MP3s, and more to CD. Bonus Web Files!


Making Music Online
By Brian Smithers
Dial up an Internet studio and you can collaborate with musicians from all over the globe.

World Wide Wadio
By Ron Simpson
Put your music on the biggest radio in the world with this straightforward introduction to Webcasting. Bonus Web Files!

No Money Down
By Todd Souvignier
Fire up your modem. Here are ten free (or amazingly inexpensive) programs no desktop musician should be without.


How to Make Killer MP3s
By Todd Souvignier
Don't let MP3 encoders savage your sound. Follow these insider tips to preserve the luster and impact of your music. Bonus Web Files!

Causing Effects
By Dan Phillips
Blast your music out of a rut with these 12 easy sound-design recipes. Bonus Web Files!

Cheap Bastardizations
By Jim Rippie
Learn tons of sneaky, free ways to coax more music out of your computer. Bonus Web Files!


Play Hard
By Randy Alberts
Have some serious fun with "toy" music software.

Oblique Strategies for Desktop Music
By Frank Jones
Be Dirty -- and 36 other ideas to catalyze your creativity, based on Brian Eno's notorious deck of inspirational cards.

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