How to Record Your Own Song

Steinberg Cubasis


To complement the magazine article on desktop recording, here are links to some Web sites with helpful background and tips. It's also a good idea to visit the sites of hardware and software manufacturers; many provide a wealth of information and user forums.

Desktop Recording Links
(Each link opens in a new window.)
C|Net Hundreds of shareware and freeware audio programs, many with user ratings.
Digital Domain Links, technical papers, tutorials, and more. Run by Grammy-winning mastering engineer Bob Katz, this site just keeps getting better and better.
Harmony Central Tutorials, gear reviews, and oodles of links.
Home Recording Just what the name implies. Check out the Web ring for collaborators, tutorials, and more.
Home Recording at Tutorials, discussions, and links.
Microphones for Your Home Studio Great introduction to microphones and how to use them.
PC FAQs, tips, and reviews.
Stereo Microphone Techniques An extremely technical discussion of the theory behind stereo miking techniques, drawn from an upcoming textbook. Impress your friends.
Sweetwater's Word for the Day An excellent glossary of audio terms. While you're there, check out the Technical Tip of the Day archives.

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