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Below are links to audio-editing and CD-recording software mentioned in the magazine article. (Clicking any link will open a new window.) You'll also find links to audio hardware mentioned in the article.


Windows Software (click for Mac software)
Ahead Nero, NeroMax CD-burning programs with effects and extensive CD-ROM features.
Richard Hanson WAV File Leveller Adjusts average (rather than peak) level of audio files for more consistent dynamics.
Logiciels & Services Duhem MacImage Enables Windows PCs to create hybrid Mac/Win CD-ROMs.
Mike Looijmans CD Wave Splits WAV files to facilitate CD track creation.
MixMeister MixMeister Crossfades music files intelligently and exports as individual tracks for DAO CD-burning.
MusicMatch MusicMatch Jukebox Jukebox program with CD-burning.
Nullsoft Winamp Digital music player with WAV-file output.
Roxio Easy CD Creator Deluxe CD-burning program with CD-Text support and extensive CD-ROM-burning features.
ShareIt Audiograbber Digital audio extraction (ripping) program.
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge Audio editor.
Steinberg Clean Audio enhancement and CD-burning program.
Steinberg WaveLab Audio editor with integrated CD-burning.
Syntrillium Cool Edit 2000 Audio editor.
Andre Wiethoff Exact Audio Copy Digital audio extraction (ripping) program.

Macintosh Software (click for Windows software)
Ahead Nero Max CD-burning program with effects and CD-Text support
Apple iTunes Jukebox program with CD-burning
Charismac Discribe CD-burning program that can make hybrid audio/Mac/Win CDs
Emagic WaveBurner Pro CD-burning program with integrated audio editor, advanced mastering features, and CD-Text support
Norman Franke SoundApp Free sound file-format converter
Roxio Jam CD burning program with advanced mastering features
Roxio Toast CD-burning program that can make hybrid audio/Mac/Win CDs

Terratec PC phono preamp

Audio Hardware for Better Analog Transfers
ART DI/O A/D/A converter with vacuum-tube front end
Creamware Luna II 24-bit audio interface
Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe 24-bit audio interface
Edirol UA-3, UA-30 USB audio interfaces
Emagic Audiowerk2 Audio interface
M-Audio Audiophile 2496 24-bit audio interface
Midiman Flying Calf A/D converter with S/PDIF output
Tascam US-428 USB audio interface with integrated mixer
TerraTec Phono PreAmp Studio Phonograph preamp powered by PC's joystick port


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