What Is netStudio?

Imagine being able to work with anyone, anywhere, anytime. netStudio makes it possible.

netStudio, powered by Rocket Network, is the new online audio recording studio for your music projects. With netStudio, musicians, producers, and other audio professionals can meet and produce audio online anywhere, anytime. Creative limits and unnecessary costs related to time and distance are eliminated, so you are free to focus on what you do best: making music.

Deliver Files Quickly and Easily with RocketDelivery
Sometimes, all you need is a quick, safe and easy way to delivery files, no matter what audio application you use and no matter what type of file you need to send—from a DAW file to a word document. RocketDelivery allows you to send any type or size of file, or folder of files, quickly and easily and offers significant advantages over FTP, overnight couriers and email.

Collaborate With Others with RocketControl
Working in an online session, you can exchange audio and MIDI tracks, plugin settings, mix automation and more. You decide which users can access your session and what they can do. Allow some people to contribute, let others simply listen. You’ll have around the clock access to your creative projects, regardless of location, as well as the ability to collaborate with colleagues in-house or other audio professionals around the world.

The technology behind netStudio has been used by many leading studios and artists including U2, Wyclef Jean, and Jennifer Lopez.

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